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Tamil Podcasts about Music

Updated: Jan 29

There are handful of Tamil podcasts which revolves around music and in this article we are going to share a few of them. Listeners support would encourage creators like them.

De-Lyrically with Maaya

Maaya, the host of this podcast, brings out the awesomeness in Tamil lyrics on some of the popular songs. While she aspires to release podcasts weekly, she is releasing monthly episodes. Not to mention Maaya gained lot of followers in her instagram @_.minnalthuli._, which confirms that there are lot of podcast listeners in India for especially Tamil podcasts. Few words from Maaya,

"This podcast means a lot to me since I personally am very much into lyrics and how it excites me, talking about lyrics in general happens rarely though since not everyone in my circle is like me, most of 'em are into music but talking in this podcast about lyrics gives this opportunity to exclusively reach people with similar interests in lyrics all over the world, as mentioned in your blog, I also initially expected listeners only from India but surprisingly Tamizhians around the globe seems to enjoy this podcast as per the stats from Anchor, it also gives me a freedom and a personal space to share my thoughts and knowing that the listeners enjoy it irrespective of my inconsistency is why I’m still doing this - it’s the motivation behind it indeed"

This podcast is in Season 1 and 13 episodes released so far. You can listen to all the episodes here.

Oliyum Variyum with Kadhaa

Surprisingly, we found a similar podcast genre started during the early pandemic and this is also focused on lyrics which is hosted by Kadhaa. He talks about Tamil songs from a fan perspective in his own style. He gained quite a few listeners in the last two years. If you like his podcast, do support him and follow @oliyumvariyum. Let us hear what Kadhaa has to say about his podcast,

"I’ve always loved tamil movies and tamil songs. I know it’s such a cliche but it’s true. It was a revelation for me to realize that not many of us listen to lyrics and understand the meaning clearly. I mean Vaali sir’s genius can only be understood through his words, am I right?. I’m still not an expert but I just wanted to share what I heard to the rest of our tamil hearts and that’s what made me host this podcast. The number of people who are sending their love and feedback is so enormous and I’m completely overwhelmed with all the love. It motivates me to do more of what I’m doing and do it better"

Kadhaa released 3 seasons so far and more than 35 episodes. Listen to Oliyum Variyum here.

Music The life giver

This podcast is all about the great music that we love across the world and how it adds meaning to our life. In Season 1, our host Prasad shared some great stories from individuals like you and me. Currently, this podcast is in Season 2, where the listeners are going to travel through a series of episodes about life and role of music in that journey.

This podcast is produced and published by BlacBoat Media. You can listen to all the episodes here.


Sangeetha, the host of Yazhisai podcast, shares some of the unique experiences we get when listening to a particular song. There are some episodes where listeners share their experience and together they celebrate music. We do not see any recent episodes after July 2021.

This podcast has around 20 episodes. You can listen to all the episodes here.

Tamilan Podcast

The host of this podcast goes by Isayin Rasigan. He shares some of the popular, unpopular, noticed, unnoticed songs and music from Tamil cinema in a very casual way. Another podcast started during the pandemic and we do not see any recent episodes after May 2021.

You can listen all the episodes here.

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