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Podcast - A trending new medium for creators in India

Updated: Jan 29

Like how startup has become a buzz word these days, podcasts are also trending among all age groups. While there are millions of listeners in the United States, the listeners growth is exponentially higher in India and it is growing day by day.

Where did we get this name from? It was around the time when iPod was popular. Someone threw what we call a portmanteau word on the internet, the blend of pod and casting. Voila!

Why is it becoming so popular? Life is happening so fast these days. Most of us like to manage our time and not waiting for Telecast in TV or News from FM Radio. We like things on demand. We like to stream want we want, not what they cast. Thanks to the unlimited data and the little handheld device we are so dependent on for the past 2 decades. Podcast is certainly becoming popular among the folks who love new and trending topics around the world, especially in a passive way. We can listen to it while we do house chores, drive to pick up grocery, workout in garage, cook for kids. Well, you get the point.

There are approximately 850000 active podcasts around the world in 2022. That’s literally 19 times the total number FM radio stations across the world. Thanks to the all podcast creation platforms that enables individuals to create, edit, distribute podcasts to all the listening platforms (for free). These listening platforms also enables us to subscribe to certain podcast with very little hassle and automatically notifies when it publishes new episode of our favorite shows. The ease of listening to any podcast that we love is unparalleled.

While the number of podcasts are huge, not all the podcasts have millions of listeners. The top 5 successful genres in United States are Comedy, News, True crime, Sports and Fitness. The podcast culture is slowly becoming popular in India. Particularly, Tamil podcasts are on a rise standing next to English and Hindi podcasts, check out this article posted on

Every medium comes with its own challenges. Podcasting is no exception. We at BlacBoat media, help creators convert their ideas to podcasts and overcome the challenges by providing guidance, tools and technology.

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