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Introverts in Writing & Podcasting

Updated: Jan 29

Do you like to initiate conversations only when it is absolutely necessary? While you don't have to necessarily get out of being an introvert, like every extrovert in the world, your story is worth sharing.


Instead of talking out loud about your opinions you can write them, script them, record them, have your own journal. Self-journal is one of the first things to start when it comes to self-realization. It is just amazing that this world is filled with millions and millions of people, each are unique with their ideas, their way of living, their taste, their opinions and so on. To understand the difference, say for example you are read a book or watched a movie and writing a review about it, that is your point of view which is definitely unique and no one can think the same way you have. Obviously, there will be positive, negative and neutral feedback in your review.

Looking at the biological way, we humans have the same chemical compounds except some natural differences, like say DNA or Genes. My point is, no one can hesitate the fact that you are unique. Hence, when you try to write whatever comes to your mind (while you don't want to make real life conversations with people around you), those words will be unique too.

Some of the great writers in the world admit one common factor, they say that

Our thought process is so unstable which is one of the main recipe when it comes to writing - Great writers

Don't you agree? Not sure if you have noticed in the past, every time when you think about controlling your thoughts, they go insanely out of control. Your mind never stops thinking, ever! Even while you are asleep, it sets an auto pilot mode and starts its own show, which we call "dreams".

J.K.Rowling, the writer of Harry Potter series, got the whole idea for the story of a young boy attending a school of wizard while she was going on a four-hour delayed train trip. Can you believe it? You will never know when you will crack your golden egg.

And moreover writing can improve your life in a positive way. Think about this, you are planning to write two lines everyday in your diary on what happened that day and what is the positive outcome of it. Do it for a month, you will be surprised to see how positive the thoughts about life improves. You can write even some negative thoughts like your anger, unavoidable sadness, jealousy and so on. And when you pen them down on a paper or write them down in your online journal, those negative thoughts may just disappear like vapor or may not make any sense at the later point of time. Writing is definitely a good habit and we have so much of positive benefits.

Do you have this wish? A wish to freeze your time whenever you like to collect all your beautiful moments in a possible slow-mo-capture and watch it. Well, writing can make this happen. You have a great possibility to write down your moments, you are literally freezing your moment and cheating the running clock. I am sure you must have heard this, good listeners are good speakers. This rule stands true for writing too, good readers are good writers. Read everything you find, your inspiration got to be hidden in some books or some author or some articles or some blogs. What are you waiting for? Start writing your mind. And well if you are into recording your voice journal, start podcasting. Share it with the world.

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