My home studio podcasting setup - a Røde NT1A microphone, AKG K171 headphones, desk stand with pop s

What we do?

We help creators convert their ideas to podcasts and video projects without hassle.

We are a podcast and video production company. We help digital creators by working on the mundane post production activities such as editing, audio engineering, audio mixing while you focus on recording the next episode.

Our main focus is publishing your episode with highest quality possible to enrich your listeners experience. Work with us to convert your ideas into podcasts and video projects.


Shows We Produce

Music - the life giver - New.png

In this podcast, we explore regional music and the impact it makes in our day to day life. This is one of the handful music commentary podcast in Tamil. We explore why music is the life giver for some of us. We are in Season 2.

Work Life Passion.png

In this podcast, we go on a pursuit to decode how someone who works on a 9-5 kind of job can lead an amazing life outside of mundane work. We discuss hobbies and passion projects that keeps the shark alive. Trailer is out.


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